What We Are Doing To Stay Safe

1) No Covid-19 positive or suspected positive individuals will be seen.  We will also require that if you are experiencing ANY of the known associated symptoms with the virus, that you postpone and reschedule your visit.  We will take an infrared temp scan of your forehead as you approach the front desk.

2) We have all the necessary PPE to the level of hospital health care workers. We will use appropriate levels of such based on procedures to be performed and your baseline health.

3) The air in the treatment area will be continuously recirculated through a high output dual HEPA filter and virus killing UV light air purifier. ALL of the air will be treated every 27 minutes.

4) Every night for 3 hours, commercial grade ozone generators in both reception and clinical spaces will eliminate all bacteria and viruses from the air and EVERY SURFACE that air touches. Ozone is 1000X more effective than chlorine.

5) The reception area will have multiple touchless infrared hand sanitizers and spaced chairs to allow for social distance parameters. Plexiglass barriers on the reception desk will eliminate inadvertent droplet dispersion.  Chair armrests will be wiped multiple times daily with virucidal wipes. Credit card processors that eliminate the need to touch will be installed as they become available. Front desk personnel will be masked and gloved as needed.

6) We use the highest rated surface cleaner/sanitizer (Bio Surf) as determined by Clinical Research Associates(like consumers report, but for dental offices)

7) We ask that when possible, additional friends or family members do not accompany you into the office but remain in your vehicle.

We thank you for your trust!!  We are confident that the above measures will be extremely effective and keep all of us safe and protected. We can’t wait to see you!!!! Your friends at Smiles by Design