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What Are Hybrid Dentures Or Fixed-Detachable Prostheses?

Hybrid dentures or fixed-detachable prostheses are dentures that attach to four or more implants in the jaw. They do not rub against the gums as removable dentures can, and they work much more like natural teeth, opening up a wider range of food possibilities to the patient.

Taking Care Of Your Hybrid Dentures

Because hybrid dentures are not removable, the cleaning process is different than with traditional dentures, and it’s also a little different from cleaning natural teeth. In order to maintain healthy gums and jaw bone, it is critical to clean under and around the dentures as well as cleaning the actual teeth. We also recommend that you come in to Smiles By Design on a regular basis so that we can remove them for professional cleaning.

Am I A Candidate For A Hybrid Prosthesis?

If you are tired of wearing traditional dentures and have always wanted fixed teeth, you could be a good candidate for a set of hybrid dentures. Call 701-223-5500 or email us to schedule an appointment so that our doctors can get you on track to have the confident smile you deserve.