Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Why We Would Recommend Sedation During Your Appointment?

We know that going to the dentist can be extremely frightening for some individuals. This is called dental phobia and is common among millions of Americans. We use sedation to help our patients feel anxiety-free and relaxed during their treatment. If you suffer from dental phobia, after reviewing your medical history our doctors may recommend one of several types of sedation.

Types of Sedation Dentistry at Smiles By Design

Nitrous oxide is commonly called laughing gas. There are several reasons to use nitrous oxide rather than complete sedation. This has been the primary way that doctors have helped patients to relieve them from anxiety. The gas is distributed through a face mask, which allows you to inhale the gas through your nose. As the anesthetic begins to work, you’ll feel a bit groggy and de-sensitized. Patients that choose to use nitrous are able to resume normal daily activities by the time the treatment is finished.

NuCalm provides an alternative that uses four techniques to stimulate the body’s natural relaxation pathways. Because it uses no drugs, it can also be used safely alongside traditional sedation, making lower doses possible.

No matter what your dental experience has been in the past we are confident that your experience here at Smiles By Design will be a comfortable and anxiety-free one.

If you suffer from dental anxiety please give us a call at 701-223-5500 or email us. We’re confident that we have a solution that will relieve you of dental anxiety and help your experience here at Smiles By Design be pleasant.